6 Signs your website is not trustworthy

Website visitors don’t engage with websites they don’t trust, this is why it is important to build up trust the minute a visitor comes to your website. Unfortunately there are some huge mistakes some businesses make on their websites. Even though those mistakes may be unintentional, they can make your company appear not to be trustworthy.

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A typical Web Design Process

As a potential web design client, you might want to know how the website design process works.

There are many elements that a web design project includes starting from the the analysis of the requirements to hosting and launching the website successfully.

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Why do I need a web designer?

This might be a quite controversial question, but at a time of drag-and-drop and DIY website builder, a fairly reasonable one.

When I started off as a web designer 15 years ago, the Internet was completely different. Most small companies didn’t have websites and when business started to happen online as well as offline, they started to hire a web designer to build a website.

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