4 Important factors to consider when planning your online marketing strategy

You have decided you need a website and you want as many visitors as possible - but where to start?

The best way to get started is by writing an online marketing strategy that can help your website reach an increasing number of potential clients and should also form part of your overall marketing plan.

To work out a strategy requires an understanding of what you want to achieve online and who your target audience is. Finding the right audience will define the channels you need in order to reach them and what contents you need to use in order to attract visitors to your website.

Here are some important factors to consider when planning your online marketing strategy:

1. Website

  • plan for good user experience and easy navigation
  • your website needs to be responsive to be easy to read on all mobile devices
  • plan your call-to-actions and make sure they are easy to find on all mobile devices
  • generate relevant content to engage your visitor

2. Search Engine Optimisation

  • keyword research, defining your relevant keywords will help your organic traffic to grow
  • optimise each page with the relevant keywords
  • ensure that all the relevant keywords are in the title tag, meta description and in the page headlines

3. Blog

  • add a blog to your website to get more visitors
  • provide useful and relevant information
  • make your articles easy to share
  • post your articles in all your social media channels

4. Social Media

  • add your profile to those social media channels which are relevant to your target audience, i.e. Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
  • create a community around your business
  • remain on people's radar by sharing valuable information, blog posts and other industry related news.

With your online strategy in place, you will need to plan your website accordingly to implement the strategy. Once your website is launched, make sure that you have your analytics in place to monitor your goals and results.