5 tips to finding the right web design agency

You need a website for your business or you decided your current website, which was designed and built five years ago, needs an urgent revamp.

What to do next and which web designer or web design agency could be a good fit for your purpose and business?

Searching online, you will find thousands of options, from a one-man-band web designer to a big digital agency. Finding the right one can prove to be challenging and daunting, especially with quotes ranging from £499 to £10,000.

If this sounds familiar to you, please see my 5 tips on finding the right web design agency including some important questions to ask them.

  1. To get started you first of all need to identify your current situation
    • you don't have a website and need to have one build from scratch
    • your existing website needs a total redesign
    • your existing website needs some small changes and improvements
  2. No matter how big or small the job will be, have a good idea and plan in place for your website project, i.e. purpose, goals, target audience, size, likes and dislikes.
  3. Think about a timeframe and budget for the website project. Always bear in mind that in the world of website design and development the phrase "you pay what you get for" proves very true. Cutting costs may have an impact in value in the long-term when it comes to delivery of results.
  4. Make a list of additional services you might need. Do you have the time manage the project, do you need help with marketing and your content? Do you have a logo and images in place or will you need a graphic designer as well?
  5. When meeting your web designer or digital agencies, you need to ask a lot of questions:
    • Do you do all the design and development work inhouse or are you outsourcing some of the work?
    • How big is your team, can you provide help with project management, graphic design, marketing and content writing?
    • Who will look after me and who is my point of contact?
    • Are your websites custom designed and developed, are you using open source CMS like Wordpress or are you working with templates from website building platforms such Wix and Squarespace?
    • What CMS will you use and what kind of changes can I make?
    • What about the hosting, can I host with you?
    • Do you have SEO in mind when designing and developing my website?
    • How do you handle support after the launch?
    • Will the website be mobile friendly and responsive on all devices?
    • What type of testing will you do before the launch?
    • Do you develop to support all web browser?
    • What is your development process?
    • Can you provide me with some references?
    • What will be the timeframe and the quote?

These steps and questions will help you to find the right company for your website project. However, make sure they sound genuine, prepared and capable. If their answers sound rocky and uncertain, you can just about imagine how uncertain the website development process might be.