What does a website consultant actually do?

When thinking about websites you would usually think about web designer and web developer, so you may ask yourself where the website consultant comes into this process?

A website consultant is generally a professional web designer who specialises in all major areas of the web and goes far beyond a pretty design and a "nice" looking website. They don't actually 'build' the website, but they help with:

  • analysing existing websites to determine why it is not performing the way it should
  • strategic web design advice
  • improving traffic and user experience on a website
  • advice on the right platform or framework to use, i.e. should you go for a custom designed website or use one of the new web building platforms

Looking at the whole website development process from analysing, researching, planning, designing, developing, testing and launch it can be quite daunting and challenging to start with your website project. Therefore the value of a website consultant like me is not only the expertise in those major areas, but also the fact that we have hands-on experience with building websites.

I look at your business, your purpose, your goals and your target group and will give advice on the best solution and strategy to meet your requirements.

Talking to a website consultant before you press on with your project will help you to make an informed choise for your digital marketing needs which will improve the development process and therefore save you time, money and a lot of headache.

If you are about to start a new website project and are not sure where to start, just contact me for advice.