Web Consultancy

Do you need a website and don't know where to start?

Time and money spent on website consulting and planning is never wasted.  (That's a good place to start)!

Whether you have an existing website or you are starting a new website project talking to me before pressing on with any work gives you invaluable help in making informed choices on the strategy, online marketing, structure, design and development of your online presence.

Website review and analysis

This is a great way to get an independent overview of your site, including recommendations for improvement and which future direction to take with your website.

Website planning and needs assessment

Planning is a fundamental component of the web development process. Together with clients I prepare a thorough needs assessment before writing a brief and/or a request for proposal (RFP) for you.

Website brief and specifications

An accurate and effective website brief or request for proposal (RFP) saves your business additional hours (and hours) of development costs and aligns you with the right designer. In addition it helps you to achieve a better website, developed within the agreed timeframe, and gives you an accurate cost for the design and development.

Website Structure

Having an optimised site structure for a new web project or an existing website will help with the SEO - as well as with thevisitor experience.

A site map (which looks like a flow chart) helps to identify the exact number of pages, sub-pages and other structural breaks.

It will also define the required content for each listed page, which will give your designer and developer a clear direction of what they need to work on and how the pages will be used.

Keyword research

Keyword research is an integral method of standing out from your online competition.

Running a keyword research report for your specific industry will give you an important understanding of which keywords to use that have low competition in the search engines. It also saves time and money as content writers know which keywords and phrases to concentrate on.

Website wireframe

An illustrative wireframe saves money on design and development costs.  Once the structure of the website and the keywords are determined, I develop a wireframe which is done in grayscale and is designed to show the page layout and the flow of the site.

An essential method for complex website builds.