Managing your website design project

Managing your website design project can be a serious challenge, but is very important to ensure a smooth development process and a successful end product.

The development process:

Project Objectives and deliverables:

Depending on the size of each website project, there will usually be a number of people involved in the development process, such as

  • the project manager - looking after the project from the initial idea up to the launch of the website
  • the content writer - researching the keywords, planning and writing the content based on the site plan and wireframe
  • the web designer - working on the front-end design and mock-ups based on the brief, site plan, wireframe and content
  • the developer - implementing the backend framework and adding the functionalities to make the whole website interactive

Therefore it is essential to define your objectives as to who is a key stakeholder, what are their roles, what is the budget and when do they have to deliver? Estimate a time for each step and and decide on realistic schedules and budgets.

Defining these objectives and deliverables will help your team to know exactly as to what they need to accomplish in what timeframe.


Make sure that you keep the communication going with each team member and to have regular meetings. Keeping track of the process and monitoring of variations between actual and planned cost, schedule and scope is required. Report changes and variations to all parties involved and take corrective actions if required.

Once started, all projects change, be aware that the more changes you accept the less chance you have of completing the project on time and within budget unless you reduce scope in other areas. Therefore assess the impact and importance of each change on scope, cost and schedule before accepting it.